The first Circle (Kolo) of Serbian Sisters (KSS) group was established in Belgrade with a huge Nativity assumption, on August 28, 1903. It started as a national, human and cultural society of women, with the aim to provide assistance to the unprotected and terrorized Serbian population, collecting contributions by promoting assistance for and care of the sick and unprotected persons in time of war. After World War II, the Communists banned the operation of the KSS.

The preserved records of the activities of the KSS is an essential part of the cultural history of the Serbian people, and those parts that are made by women have been since refined and cultivated. Despite the sanctions, the Circle of Serbian Sisters is an example of a huge sacrifice, with awareness of the condition of our people and solidarity with them, such as courage and good organization that are managing to the remotest and most disadvantaged communities, encouraging what we always needed-hope.

Activity of the KSS, with charity, have had a very distinct religious, cultural and educational mission.

Activities of the Serbian Sisters in the church are:

* participate in fostering Serbian religious customs
* work on the preservation and advancement of the ecclesiastical community and the Serbian tradition
* work on the preparation of all church events
* activities on the occasion of Christmas and Easter holidays (binding Yule log, dyeing eggs, etc.).
* activities on the occasion of celebrating church and other religious holidays
* take care of the arrangement of the Holy Temple
* working to assist all parishioners who need assistance (assistance to elderly and sick people, families with several children …)
* participate in actions for strengthening the Christian family
* participate in the organization of humanitarian action and various other works of love of God and the Serbian people
* in other jobs as needed by the parish

The founders of the Circle of Serbian Sisters: Nadežda Petrović, Savka Subotić and Delfa Ivanić.

Also, KSS in Charlotte tries to persevere in all these endeavors and continue the journey and the idea of the founders, but above all to continue that work which began with the Myrrhbearers in spreading the good news of the Resurrection of Christ. In each work is required perseverance and help, and in this God-pleasing work, if any good hearted woman should want to join the Circle of Serbian Sisters and engage in the life of the church community of St Simeon the Myrrh in Charlotte, please call our committee chairmen and Priest Srebrenko.