Dear Parishioners and Friends,

I am honored to announce that the construction of our church is in the final stages. That is in part thanks to the efforts of you and your longstanding commitment to St. Simeon. Standing before us is a large undertaking, one that comes only once in a lifetime. With the grace of God, we plan to transform the plain, white and barren walls of our church into artful masterpieces that portray the many Holy saints we cherish and hold near and dear to our hearts and that are an integral part in our orthodoxy.

As you all may know, iconography is one of the most important aspects of the development of a church. Icons will stand long after we are gone and will serve as a constant reminder of our roots for generations to come. Throughout history saints and kings have left us with many great monuments, some of which we can still visit today, it is now our decision whether or not to follow in their footsteps. Its up to us to decide if we are going to waste our lives and money on unimportant pleasures or invest in future generations of the Charlotte Serbian community. Its our decision to make if we wish to do something that will stand strong long after we are gone with minimal sacrifices in today’s life, to be remembered on many more liturgies that will be served in our church and that our names will be remembered as great supporters, to have a place among our saints that somebody can light a candle and pray for us. The world we are living in is forcing us to focus on material things, but if we fail we will realize that church is the only home that will always accept us. Don’t let coffee, ice cream, or chocolate be more important than the home of God. Do good and hope for the best.

The St. Simeon Serbian Orthodox Church Council has adopted the following regulations to be put in place to manage contributions to the iconography of our church. All contributors to the iconography of our church will be dived into four groups on the basis of the amount donated. The groups are as follows: (The group names are according to the “canons” of the Serbian Orthodox Church)

“Ktitor” $20,000+

“Veliki Dobrotvori” $3,000-$19,999

“Dobrotvori” $1,000-$2,999

“Donatori” $500-$999

“Priloznici” $50-$499

The names of the all supporters will be displayed on honorary placards that will be located inside of the church in two place dictated by contribution level. Supporters will also be named in a honorary book documenting their donations.

It is my sincere hope that we can come together as a community to fulfill this task as it is a important milestone in our churches history. May God wish all of you the best, hoping, wishing, truly believing that through our sacrifices will come unity.

Executive Church Board of St. Simeon


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